Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Forward!

Today is the big day!!!  We get to Spring forward!  In my family we begin counting down to this day from the moment we fall back.  And this week we had a little preview of what is coming our way!  Although it was extremely windy, I ventured out for a little walk because in Ohio you just don't pass up 60 and sunny to stay indoors.  I was shocked to see crocuses blooming already!  So I hoofed it back to the house and grabbed my camera to take some shots of these tiny signs of Spring.

Part of what I love about crocuses is that they are the first herald of the world of flora that is. 

Now I will begin to long to see my other favorites....daffodils, bluebells, hyacinths, and my absolute favorite...TULIPS!  I have a couple good local places to go to photograph these lovely spring bulbs, so this is likely just the beginning of a series of spring flower filled blog posts!  I hope you enjoy this glimpse of spring, and please...remember to set you clocks forward tonight!!!!

He's got a buddy...soon to bloom

 By Charles Spurgeon:

NATURE is a looking- glass in which I see the face of God.

I delight to gaze abroad, and "Look through nature, up to nature's God."

We may delight ourselves in the works of God, and find much pleasure therein,and get much advanced towards God himself by considering his works.

This is herald of fine weather as well.  The Red-Winged Blackbird, who is one of only three birds I can identify by song. (The Northern Cardinal and the Red-Tailed Hawk are the other two).

Because I have always lived near open fields, the preferred habitat of these lovely birds, I associate their call with warm summer afternoons when these guys find the highest perch in the field to trumpet their distinct call.  I have always wanted a nice close up of their bright wings, but this is the closest I came on my walk the other day as one flew past. 

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