Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kentucky Redbird or Virginia Nightingale

Male Cardinal out my kitchen window (Spring 2007)

A spring song after long winter
The Kentucky Redbird and Virginia Nightingale are names for the Northern Cardinal.  Anyone that knows me well can tell you (or should be able to tell you) that the Cardinal is my absolute favorite song bird!  I also really like the American Goldfinch and the Eastern Bluebird...each of those have vibrant plumage too....but for some reason, ever since I picked up a camera, I have had this continued obsession with capturing the perfect Cardinal portrait.  (Be sure to scroll to bottom as I saved the best shot for last!)

These beautiful birds were once endangered, as they were hunted and sold as caged pets.  The Migratory Bird Treaty of 1918 made that illegal, and they became protected by law.  Now these amazing songsters are left in the care of the Almighty, which is probably a much safer place than a cage.


From C.H. Spurgeon

Encore! Encore!
Look at the very birds on earth- how they shame us!

Dear little creatures, if you watch them when they are singing, you will sometimes wonder how so much sound
can come out of such diminutive bodies.

How they throw their whole selves into the music,and seem to melt themselves away in song!

How the wing vibrates, the throat pulsates,and every part of their body rejoices to assist the strain!

This is the way in which we ought to praise God.

If birds that are sold a farthing render to God such praise,
how much more heartily ought we to sing before him?

Amazing texture in his feathers!

Psalm 150:6
Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.

It is so easy to see the Lord's providence and care in delicate creatures like song birds! Our feathered friends, (especially cardinals!) are a great reason to stay behind the lens!!

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  1. We love Cardinals too! We have one that comes each evening before dark to get an evening snack, we named him Fred! - Vicki