Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seeing God in the Every Blossom and Bloom

I think flowers are one of the best ways to see the hand of God.  We should always, "take time to stop and smell the roses" because I find the Lord offers a good example in those colorful delicate blooms.  Much instruction can be found in the Husbandman's creation and sustaining love for His garden.  And if He cares in such ways for all those stems and much more the cedars of Lebanon?  Christians should take great hope, comfort, and courage looking at flowers....and learn much in how they flourish in all types of climates and conditions....all with the Hand of the Lord upon them...beautiful things are possible!   

So I am going to make this FLOWER WEEK on the blog.  I am going take time this week to stop and smell the roses and stay behind the lens!  Whether it is a garden petunia or a rogue dandelion in the lawn....I am going to shoot a flower picture each day and share only flower photos this week. 

From J.R. Miller (1912)
Jesus loved nature. He saw in it—the tokens and expressions of his Father's love and care. What could be more exquisite, for example, than the thoughts of a little flower—as we find them expressed in the Sermon on the Mount? He was urging people never to be anxious. Just then, his eye fell on a lily growing in its marvelous beauty by the wayside, and he used it to teach a lesson about the care of God. God cares even for the smallest flower—and his hand weaves for it, its exquisite raiment. "And why are you anxious concerning raiment?" Thus our Lord saw in every flower which blooms, something which his Father had made and beautified, something he cared for with all gentleness. And of whatever other use the flowers are, he at least wants us to learn from them, this truth of trust, so that we shall never be anxious. The flowers never worry.

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