Monday, September 9, 2013

Take a Hike!

I was shocked to prep these photos for posting to find I have not shared any photos since this spring!  Where has the summer gone?!  Well I have spent most of it in the office instead of behind the lens, but I did use my paid day off on Labor Day for some rest and relaxation in the woods, and boy am I glad I brought my camera!

Millcreek Metro Park probably has more hidden gems and interesting nooks and crannies than most urban parks.  So while I am not sure what trail I was on or how to find my way back there again, I can tell you it was a perfect day for photos in cloudy Youngstown.

The first hidden gem was a part of the creek that was cut down in a deep gully....when driving on the road above looking down to the creek made my knees wobbly and weak!  But there was a nice trail and boardwalk of stairs that took you right down to the water.

 I am grateful that the water was running low and shallow so I was able to stand in the creek bed to shoot pictures without getting my feet wet.  I really didn't expect to find such a nice spot so I didn't bring my tripod.  But these photos didn't come out half bad for motion water shots taken by hand.

As you can see by these photos I was really taken with the layers and layers of rocks on the was just super neat.  These were taken looking up the creek with this gentle series of spillways, and then the shots below were taken of the little waterfall that went into this perfect clear pool below.  I am not sure I did the set up justice, but the rocks were mossy and slippery and while I want to get the best shots, I really don't want to dunk the camera!

Part of the waterfall and pool below.

A view from atop the trail

 This was the end of the trail near the road.  I was just wondering how that giant round rock got there.

This was a rock skipper's heaven!  There were so many flat stones of all sizes, my inner 7 year old could not resist a try at skipping even in this rocky part of the creek.  And believe it or not I got a triple mini skip!  

 And the last surprise of the day was stumbling upon a doe and her three youngsters as we walked the trail back to the car!

There was a mess of young growth maples and they were just standing there eating, and frankly I am shocked I didn't scare them off before I got there because I was not being quiet.

Mama on alert

 Sometimes a blurry shot can turn out to have a very nice effect as this picture did as they started trotting back into the woods.

Hope to spend a little more time behind the lens this fall and get some awesome shots of the Lord's amazing creation to share with you!