Friday, August 5, 2011

New Dog on the Blog

Taking a look at his new home in America
 We have a new dog on the blog!!  This young hound is a transplant from Canada!  I drove up to get him at the US/Canada border this week, and had a nice trip through upstate New York.  I hope to post ALOT of pictures in the upcoming days and weeks of him playing with his new buddies.  I also hope to post a few snapshots I took during the trip with the new Nikon D90.  I regret I did not have a polarizer for the new lens, but still it was a beautiful trip and even the quick grab snapshots show how lovely it was along the way.

Stretch break at Lake Erie on way home from Canada


  1. Cute dog! does he howl?

  2. Yes! He howls more than any basset we have ever had. He really can get going until he sounds more like a cow or whale! It is very funny.