Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fungus and Ferns

Non-rolling stone that gathered moss
 Well, after a week of sluggish internet service, I finally have managed to upload some more photos from last weekend's Mill Creek Park excursion.  Deep in the forest in the moisture, shade, and shadows lurks....spiders, bugs, beetles, and other creepy comparatively the the moss, ferns, and fungus featured in this post are pretty interesting subject matter!  (And less likely to give you the heebie jeebies). 

Personally, I find the various ferns, fungus, and shadow growers very interesting...and might even wish to see the other varieties of say upper Michigan or the cascades of Oregon....but for now enjoy this current collection of local flora along with some choice reflective thoughts about the Father of all things bright and beautiful....and the not so bright but equally beautiful!  Stay behind the lens everyone!

Moss covered rock wall from 1935
By J.C. Philpot:

There is a wisdom of God which is not hidden—at least not from the eyes of men who acknowledge God at all, and see the world and all things in it created and sustained by an Almighty hand. All that the great and glorious Creator has designed and executed must necessarily bear the stamp of infinite wisdom and omnipotent power. From the sun in its meridian height to a drop of water in the ocean, from the elephant that stalks proudly in the jungle to the mite that crawls upon the cheese, from the towering oak and spreading cedar to the blade of grass and the moss on the wall—every created object proclaims the wisdom and power of God.

By John MacDuff (1864):

In one sense we are everywhere surrounded with God's thoughts. The world of nature is a majestic volume of God's thoughts:

His sublime thoughts — are the everlasting mountains;

His lofty thoughts — the distant stars;

His dreadful thoughts — the lightning and tempest, the earthquake and volcano;

His minute thoughts — of discriminating care the tiny moss and lichen, the tender grass, the lily of the field, and pearly dewdrop;

His loving thoughts — the blue sky, the quiet lake, the sunny glade, the budding blossoms and beauteous flowers;

His joyful thoughts — the singing streams and sparkling waves;

His unchanging thoughts — the rock in mid-ocean, on which the waves are in vain spending their fury.


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