Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Hour in the Garden


Not off the beaten path, but certainly good for flower photos
I took a wonderful Sunday creation excursion to a local rose garden in the metro park.  Second only to a metro park located in Philadelphia, Mill Creek Metro Park is the largest park in a city's limits anywhere in the country.  Fairly impressive for an old steel town in the rust belt. 

Well, I gave myself a one hour time limit to shoot the garden and the various flowers in bloom.  The great benefit of a DSLR is shooting to my heart's content, with no worries about running out of film!  I shot over 100 frames, covered half the garden, and felt fairly satisfied with my visit after only a single hour.  So, I hope to share many of the shots I took...including a special series on pollinators, as there were many winged friends going from flower to flower along side me!

From Octavius Winslow (1808-1878)

Those bright constellations — Christ created them.
Those burning suns — Christ kindled them.
Those snow wreathed alps, those cloud capped mountains — Christ raised them.
Those verdant valleys — Christ spread them.
That blushing rose,
  that graceful lily,
  that exquisite fern,
  that curious sea flower tossed upon the shore,
  that wayside violet that screens the dew drop from the sun,
  that winding stream,
  that leafy grove — 
Christ formed and penciled them all.

Yes, Christ is the one who . . .
  clad that magnificent landscape with its robe of living green;
  scented the air with its fragrance, and
  hollowed out the depth of that expansive ocean, dimpled with beauty by the gentle breeze — or awesome in its grandeur, when trod by the storm.

Truly, He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Oh! I delight to see the Incarnate God, who died to save — scattering from the opulence of His own boundless resources — all this jewelry; making man's sinful home so rich, so lovely, so attractive!

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