Monday, September 5, 2011

The Long Weekend

For this long Labor Day weekend I took a short jaunt north to the shores of Lake Erie and spent some time photographing at Holden Arboretum and Headlands State Park.  It was very hot the first afternoon and the blistering 93 degree heat made the arboretum rather hazy, but it was still enjoyable.  By evening the lake's sunset was mostly obscured by storm clouds rolling in, and the second day was hit and miss while dodging rain from the thick overcast sky.  But overcast weather is ideal for certain types of a little floral and macro work.   Sticking to the arboretum's manicured spaces in case of rain I was able to find quite a few bees out buzzing around working before a heavy late afternoon downpour.  Check out the shots of these busy bees, and stay tuned as I will be posting more photos all this week from the great long weekend!

Handheld shot of the lovely pond amongst the garden paths at Holden Arboretum

By Thomas Watson:

Meditate upon the PROMISES of God.

The promises of God are flowers growing in the paradise of scripture; meditation, like the bee, sucks out the sweetness of them.

As the bee sucks the honey from the flower—so by
meditation we suck out the sweetness of a truth.
It is not the receiving of food into the mouth, but the
digesting of it, which makes it nutritious. Just so, it is
not the receiving of the most excellent truths in the
ear, which nourishes our souls—but the digesting of
them by meditation.

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  1. These are beautiful photos. There is so much clarity that I feel like I'm looking through a microscope instead of a lens. Powerful. I can't help but think they'd make beautiful notecards, especially with Mr. Watson's words added:)