Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Day!

We kicked the New Year off in my neck of the woods with a nice snowfall at the beginning of the week.  After writing my New Year's Eve post I thought this snow day series of shots would be a nice follow up.  In that post I mentioned how my hounds are averse to change and love getting into ruts, habits, and doing the same thing EVERY day!   Well, sometimes even when you don't want change, you find that divine intervention can force you into doing things a little different on a day you least expect it.   It took some divine intervention to change up the hound dogs morning romp in the yard....and the results were rather amusing.  Sometimes change can be lots of fun!  I won't have a reading for this post so the photos can be viewed in the series as they unfolded in a few minutes time.  So it is part two for my previous post which you can check out here.

Well enjoy these shots of my hounds learning that into each life some snow must fall!
Found a scent to track

Alert pause....

Target acquired!

Sniff sniff...

Dive!  Dive!

Visual confirmation

"Hey...what are you doing?"

"There is something in there!"

Tag team burrowing

Figgy patrolling the younger fellas

This was Houdini's first encounter with snow.  Although he was born in Canada, we was a spring puppy so he never had a chance to see it before...or eat it, which I think was his favorite part of the whole experience!

And despite all the snow burrowing....Houdini and Smudge never surfaced anything other than more snow.  What were they up me!  But it was very funny to watch!!

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