Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Around Town

It is a good thing that I got out two weekends ago to see some fall color.  After two or three very windy days all the trees are starting to look decidedly bare and winter like.   This is part two of three of the fall color around my little town.  Please enjoy and I look forward to sharing some unusual shots this coming Sunday.

I started my fall color quest along a usual route that I take towards work.  I noticed foliage turning along the old railroad crossing.  I took this quick shot out the car window.

Next I headed over to Firestone Park looking for some fall colors.  I found part of the  park was having some improvements made so some of the best colored trees had all kinds of caution fencing and construction nonsense cluttering up what would have otherwise been nice pics.  So I found alternate photo subjects.

I enjoyed taking some pics of the mallards swimming along the little pond.  Ducks and birds are a continual favorite for me since they are full of activity and interesting poses!

This drake was getting ready to flap his wings, and I like this shot that shows off that blue stripe on the wing.  This is a courtship he was showing off for some nearby lady. (Pretty sure it wasn't me he was trying to impress!)

A couple of dabblers.  I really caught an awesome shot of two drakes dabbling which made some nice ripples in the water.  Dabbling is the term they use for how some ducks feed...instead of diving down all the way into the water, they actually stick their heads down in the the water, bottoms sticking up above the water.  I think they look like fishing bobbers! 

Once done at the park I drove around the surrounding neighborhoods looking for fall colors.  I think being under the golden yellow, vibrant red, and flaming orange, canopy of maples was more fun in person, and I wasn't really able to do it justice.

And for some reason I kept seeing kitty cats all over the place too! 

They were so cute and fuzzy!!  I was able to snap pics of only two of the furry felines....I half wonder if they were out trying to hunt all the squirrels that were out in full force scurrying all over people's yards.

A cozy fall display that made me crave a pumpkin donut or apple pie!  Saving the best foliage pics for is one shot that's color rendered just as it looked in real life...and THAT kind of color is why I love fall!!  (Plus as a kid orange was my absolute hands down favorite color.  Consequently it was also my favorite flavor popsicle, dum-dum, and juice.)

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