Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dunk Dunk Goose!

 Saturday was the perfect fall day!  The sun was shining, the sky was cloudless and blue, the leaves are beginning to change....just the perfect day to head outside with my camera.  After giving my vehicle a much needed scrubbing (after a failed photo trip last weekend, that was ruined by rain, cold temps, and lots of dreary clouds) I had only a wee bit of the afternoon left for photographing.  So I headed to a nearby little park that has a duck pond.  Since the feathered fowls in town are accustomed to people visiting, (and feeding them!) I thought I might get a chance at some close up shots without the hassle of creeping up my subject undetected like some kind of camouflaged military sniper.  As it turns out it was bath time at the pond, and all the ducks and geese were splashing around in the water and preening on the rocks.  Suffice it to say I had loads of fun, walked away with some interesting shots, and unlike last weekend...I stayed dry!

These photos are one group of several I will be sharing of this photo excursion.  This set is of one goose in particular who was dunking into the water over and over again.  It was amazing and gave me new appreciation for the meaning of the phrase "Roll off you like water on a duck's back."


 By J.C. Philpot, 1867

God has mercifully given us a day in every week on which to rest and pause amid the cares, the business, and the whirl of life. …But as a soiled dove escapes to some quiet and secluded spot where she may bathe her plumage in the rivulet, preen her wings, and regain what she has lost in the smoky town, of her purity and strength; so the soul, soiled with the dust and smoke of the week, gladly embraces the Lord's Day with its rest and quiet, that it may bathe itself once more in the fountain opened for all sin and uncleanness, renew its strength, and enjoy some of those gracious revivings of faith and love whereby it may mount upward in heart and affection to where Jesus sits at the right hand of God.


The goose version of a dog shaking off after a bath!


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