Sunday, October 16, 2011

Leaves Are Changing

Front field outside my house

 Here is the third and final installment of photos taken at the duck pond two weekends ago. Of course with the exception of the above captioned shot I took outside my house that day!

I was able to get the first hints of changing color on the trees and leaves.  I was really wanting full fall color landscapes, but you can't rush a good thing.  So I opted for photographing and appreciating the slow change of color from the green of summer, to the flaming hues of fall.  Interestingly, I read later that the same process that turns a green banana yellow, makes leaves turn from green to color too.  The chlorophyll in the leaves makes them green....once the tree begins conserving nutrients for winter and the leaves not longer are producing chlorophyll, so their true color is revealed! 

I particularly like the close-up shots of the individuals leaves in this group of photos.  Seeing the veins of the leaf as the green color recedes from the leaf is pretty amazing. I put my favorite shot at the no skimming this post guys!

And on this Lord's Day, please enjoy a wonder excerpt below that is the perfect thought to remember whenever you look at a colorful leaf this fall.  Especially a nice read for those that don't relish the change from summer to autumn!

By James Smith, 1861

“For I am the LORD, I change not…” Malachi 3:6

Every created thing is liable to change.

Angels have changed — and become devils.

Man has changed — and become a sinner.

The world has changed — and lost its original beauty and excellence.

The seasons change — winter gives place to spring, spring to summer, summer to autumn, and autumn to winter again.

Our feelings change — the sad gives place to the joyous, and the joyous to the sad again.

Our circumstances change — the poor become rich, and the rich become poor.

Our relations change — some are removed by death, others to a far distance, and some become alienated from us.

All within and without us will change, and there may be greater changes than we have ever witnessed yet.

But amidst all the changes we have experienced within, or witness without — we have one unfailing source of comfort: the Lord never changes! He is the same, and will be the same forever. He is in one mind, and none can turn him. Let us then seek to be impressed with this cheering declaration made by God himself, “For I am the LORD, I change not..”

No offense to Mr. Smith, but one change he didn't mention was the change of the Christian when they put off corruption in this world and put on incorruption in heaven.  Check out this post from the blog Joyful in Glory for a nice read and a perfect song from Handel's Messiah that is a nice musical compliment to this theme of change!


  1. Your subjects pale in comparison to the beauty of your heart and countenance! Thank you for sharing your view of God's incredible creation.

  2. Ah're making me blush! :-D Glad you enjoyed the photos!