Monday, June 11, 2012

Chasing Sunsets

Boy, it has been awhile since I had time to get out for nature photographs, although I have had plenty of time behind the camera since my last post.  A new cute baby niece has kept me busy, as well as some commercial photographing projects at work.  I also took some time to photograph The Fighting McCook house, the only civil war museum in Ohio, over Memorial weekend.  But last night I decided it was about time to grab a few photos for sharing.

Since it was hot as a tamale outside I anticipated a colorful sunset.....which I was correct about.  But the tricky part is chasing down a sunset.  When you don't have a specific location in mind, and you just set out driving looking for a good spot to see the setting sun, and you usually end up pretty frustrated, missing most of the sunset.  (This happened on my trip to upstate New York!  And I was madder than a wet hen about it!)  It is tough to find that perfect combination of altitude and a clear least if you want to photograph something other than a strip mall.  (Some of the best darn sunsets I see are in one of the busiest plazas around here, and it makes me think how awesome it would have been 100 years ago!)

So, here are the results of chasing a summer sunset.  Maybe the photos don't do it justice but it sure was pretty in person!

Fresh cut and raked hay drying in the field

Love seeing the old farm homes with the year on the roof with the slate shingles!!! 

Quote from Mary Winslow:
Gazing one evening from her bed upon a magnificent sunset, she remarked, "Oh, if the outside of heaven is so beautiful, what must it be within!"

I liked the twinkle of the porch light in the first shot, so I took a close-up.  At this point the clouds rolling in were getting thicker and beginning to ruin that perfect sunset glow, but I still liked that porch light.

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