Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Drive

 Yesterday was another perfect summer day.  Eighty degrees with sunshine and cotton candy clouds.  But for some reason I was in the house most of the day, so after dinner I thought  a nice drive out in the evening air would hit the spot.

As more clouds rolled in, I could tell the sunset had potential to be a great....or a total bust.  As it turns out it was a little of both.

The sunbeams were breaking through the clouds and could be seen perfectly from a freshly threshed (say that ten times fast!!) straw field.  After inadvertently disturbing a lovely doe from her leisurely graze in the field, I snapped some photos of the early setting sun.

It was a pretty nice set up for a roadside photo op, and just behind me out of view is a little pond at the bottom of another hill.  Gotta love those rolling hills of farmland!  

After exhausting all possible viewpoints at this location, it was time to get back in the car and head down the road to find another potential spot to see the sunset.

Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in thicker, and there was no commanding view to be found facing the west on the country road we were cruising on.  Finally we reached the big local fairgrounds and decided to stretch our legs....and those photos will make up tomorrow's post!

Until then enjoy a Sunday sunset from behind the lens.

By Horatius Bonar:  
Excerpts from“His Sun”

"He maketh his sun to rise."—Matthew 5:45

He keeps it burning. It is not allowed to burn low or to go out. He supplies it with all that is needful, and says to it, Burn on, burn on. He leads it up each morning, and over the arch of noon, and down into the west. All this rising and setting, this daily shining and shading, this coming and departing, are his. It is his sun emphatically. Were it not for Him it would go out in obscure darkness.
It fructifies It makes all living things to grow and bring forth fruit. No sunshine, no life; no growth, no fruit. For man and beast, for herb and tree, for flower and leaf, sunshine brings growth and fruitfulness. Such is God's love in sunshine. Ah, yes, it is his sun! It does his work.

Old barns a plenty around our town.  Couldn't tell from this photo but this one sits on one of the busiest state routes in the region!

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