Saturday, June 30, 2012

Paine Falls

This weekend I got a new piece of fun photo equipment for my birthday!  (My actual birthday is not until Monday but you can't waste a perfectly good weekend for a photo assignment.)  I received my very first neutral density filter for my camera!  It is great for a variety of of which is photographing waterfalls.  It can give you some really cool effects on motion pictures.  So here is my first effort experimenting with the filter at Paine Falls. 

It was forecast to be nice weather, but then they changed it to 50% chance of rain.  But then of course it cleared up to be perfectly sunny.  While sunny is nice in general, it actually makes waterfall photography difficult.  So the ND filter was put to the real test!  This pic to the right is a view of the cliff where I took pictures of the falls. The same goes for the pics below. 

A view of the top of the falls.  The layers of shale were so gorgeous!  It made me think of all the large thin, flat, hunks of shale we used to find up on Lake Erie's shores when we were kids.  They are perfect for skipping stones.  The guys used to compete for who could get the most skips on one throw....I think my Dad was the best at it.  ;-)
Very excited when two cedar waxwings landed right in front of me!!  But there were so many tree limbs this was the best quick snapshot I could grab before they flew away.  That is the cherry on top of a good photo shoot...getting at least one thing you didn't plan to see!!

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