Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watering Flowers


Yesterday was a beautiful summer day.  Sunny, breezy, blue sky, and finally nice and warm after a chilly morning.  Since the forecasted quarter inch of rain earlier in the week inexplicably missed our house I decided it would behoove the flowers to give them a drink from the hose.  I snapped a few photos of our flowers along with some of my special assistant.

Coincidentally, the Spurgeon devotion I read (this morning because I was a day late!) seemed to fit nicely with these photos.  So if you missed it too....enjoy it now!

C.H. Spurgeon’s June 13th Devotion from “Faith’s Checkbook”

I the Lord do keep it; I will water it every moment: Lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day. (Isaiah 27:3)

When the Lord Himself speaks in His own proper person rather than through a prophet, the word has a peculiar weight to believing minds. It is Jehovah Himself who is the keeper of His own vineyard; He does not trust it to any other, but He makes it His own personal care. Are they not well kept whom God Himself keeps?

We are to receive gracious watering, not only every day and every hour "but every moment." How we ought to grow! How fresh and fruitful every plant should be! What rich clusters the vines should bear!

But disturbers come; little foxes and the boar. Therefore, the Lord Himself is our Guardian, and that at all hours, both "night and day." What, then, can harm us? Why are we afraid! He tends, He waters, He guards; what more do we need?

Twice in this verse the Lord says, "I will." What truth, what power, what love, what immutability we find in the great "I will" of Jehovah! Who can resist His will? If He says "I will," what room is there for doubt? With an "I will" of God we can face all the hosts of sin, death, and hell. O Lord, since Thou sayest, "I will keep thee," I reply, "I will praise Thee!"
Mini Pool - tell the bees it's a spa day!!!

Special assistant Houdini taking a water fountain break.  Please note the tooth marks in the hose....he punctured a hole in the hose before I even connected it last week. (I found out when I turned on the water and got soaked!)  Now I see it was a part of his plan to stay hydrated in the summer sun.

What I find funny is that he has no compunction about being sprayed in the face and soaked with water!  But I shouldn't  be surprised since last week he ran through sprinklers watering the backyard like a little kid, arriving back at the screen door sopping wet, as  though he had just had a bath. The other two hounds sat nearby...completely bone dry!  They are not so young at heart!

After he was done taking a drink, he decided to help with my end of the job.  Needless to say I didn't need anymore hose modifications and he lost his job as assistant.

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